Real world observations

PragmaticAll values real world observation over theoretical models.

Dave Snowden said it very well: theory and practice should co-evolve.

  • If you don’t understand the theory behind things, practice won’t scale.
  • If you don’t allow theory to interact with practice, theory remains esoteric.
  • It is the interaction between theory and practice that matters.

I believe that observations of the real world are the key to the reflection that is needed for a healthy interaction between theory and practice. So, while I make every effort to be well informed on theories, approaches and models etc., it is in the way that I apply them that I make the difference. And the way I apply the theory is different in each situation – because the observations are likely to be different.


Escher’s waterfall

I love good observations and the results that they inspire. Some examples:

  • Drawings and paintings based on close observation of the natural world;
  • Comedy and cartoons inspired by observations of human nature;
  • Scientific discoveries resulting from painstaking observation and measurement.


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