PragmaticAll values long term relationships over short term gain.

What does this mean in practice? Well, here are a few examples:


  • I strive to charge you a price that is in line with the value I deliver to you. In my opinion this is the only sustainable pricing strategy.
  • I will say ‘no’ to assignments that I feel I am not well qualified to perform. If I know someone else who could do the assignment, then I will suggest that you contact him or her.
  • If you are not satisfied with the work or our service, then I will make amends. Just let me know and together we will determine what can be done about it.

Why bother?

I value long term relationships because I get purpose and energy from working towards ambitious, long term goals. This only works if those goals are meaningful and remain constant (as in Deming’s “constancy of purpose”). I’ll never achieve those goals without long term relationships to support me.

Besides, being honest and supportive to other people makes me feel good!

Short term gain can be tempting, and honesty can sometimes be difficult. If you think I am acting on short term gain rather than long term relationship, please tell me – I’ll love you for it!

Are you new to PragmaticAll? Get in touch to start building a relationship. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to use my services – just meeting each other can be worthwhile or at the very least fun!

Do you know PragmaticAll and want to tell me something – good, bad or indifferent? Leave a note and I’ll call you.

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