Modelling system quality

I see many people struggle with quality requirements, including experienced business analysts and requirements engineers. Worse still, sometimes people just ignore quality requirements because they don’t know how to specify them properly. While quality requirements may be a bit harder to specify than functional requirements, they are often crucial to … Continue reading

Quality requirements

When I talk of Quality requirements, I mean a subset of Non-functional requirements. IREB defines a quality requirement as: A requirement that pertains to a quality concern that is not covered by functional requirements. I am not so happy about the second half of the definition (“that is not covered by … Continue reading

Non-functional requirements

There are many definitions of non-functional requirements. According to IIBA’s BABOK guide: Non-functional Requirements capture conditions that do not directly relate to the behavior or functionality of the solution, but rather describe environmental conditions under which the solution must remain effective or qualities that the systems must have. They are also known … Continue reading

About us

Our philosophy

We believe that many companies can achieve more by doing less, but doing it right.
Doing less
Do you have too much work for too few people? By doing too much you are less productive than you could be. You should do less!
Doing (it) right
Doing less gives you a chance of doing right. With doing right we mean both 'doing the right things' and 'doing things right'.
Being pragmatic
For us, doing it right means being pragmatic about everything we do. 'Pragmatic' as in: fit for purpose, suitable in its context, and without unnecessary overhead.

Our guiding principles

In our work we are guided by the following considerations:
• We value doing a few things right over just doing many things
• We value long term relationships over short term profit
• We value real world observations over theoretical models
• We value freedom to select good practices over prescriptive methods

PragmaticAll is registered in The Netherlands, KvK 55709060.